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GPS tracking for your residents

Vigil has partnered with GTX Corp to provide the GPS SmartSole® for users of the Vigil Integrated Care Management System™.  The GPS SmartSole® ia an easy to use, 2-way GPS tracking device that uses the cell phone network to send notifications back to your Vigil system.  GPS SmartSole is ideal for residents that are able to go outdoors independently but may be at risk of getting lost, disoriented, or experiencing health problems that may prevent them from returning.  For residents with dementia the GPS SmartSole can also be used as a tracking device in case of elopement. 

  • Set boundaries called Geozones to receive alerts when the wearer leaves a designated area
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 days depending on activity level of wearer
  • Comes in 2 adjustable sizes that fit most adults
  • Hidden tracking reduces stigmatization and preserves dignity
  • Ideal for those how may remove or lose pendant or wrist tracking devices
  • Most wearers do not notice the SmartSole in their shoe
  • Alerts will be sent to your Vigil System

For more information on GPS SmartSole® or any of the Vigil product line call us at           1-877-850-1122 or click the button below to have someone contact you. 

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